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2N response

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Posted 2019-July-04, 16:11

I'm having a discussion with a colleague about this, and I'd appreciate any input. Playing SAYC, NOT inverted minors,
neither vulnerable.The bidding goes 1C P 2C P 2N. What does the 2N bid mean/show?


#2 User is offline   HardVector 

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Posted 2019-July-04, 18:30

Usually some balanced 18-19 count. It's usually the same bid you would have made had it gone 1c-1M and you didn't have a fit for the major (or diamonds, I suppose, but that's a different conversation). Anyway, your partner has promised 6-9. You are inviting partner to bid 3n with 8-9 and pass (or bid 3c) with 6-7. If partner bids a suit other than clubs at the 3 level, that should be shortness and questioning whether you should be in 3n, or 5c.

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Posted 2019-July-04, 19:31

Maybe a poor 18-19? With a decent 18-19, you would bid 3NT.

But it is also possible that 2NT is forcing and keeps the door open for a club slam.

SAYC is not sophisticated. It is certainly a balanced 18-19. It's not clear if it is forcing or not, but unless responder had raised on a 4-card suit, he can always keep it open with 3 if he has a minimum.
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Posted 2019-July-08, 04:25


it is invite to bid game with max, and otherwise askes, which partial is best,
i.e. responder with min will either pass holding a bal. hand pass or bid 3C,
or he will bid game with max.
It is possible that there are responding hands, that rule out 3NT, but are still
interested in 5C, those responding hands can reinvite, those hands will be rare,
but they exist.

Openers hand will usually be semi bal., unsuitable for a strong 1 NT opening, starting
from a good 16+ to whatever. The precise strength depends on the strength of hands,
that are part of the simple raise.
Quite often responder has a choice between raising the minor and responding 1NT, this
is espesially true after a 1C opener. Some play that 1NT in the seq. 1C - 1NT showes 8-10,
so with weaker hands, responder has to bid either 1D showing 3+ or 2C.

With kind regards
With kind regards
Uwe Gebhardt (P_Marlowe)

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